While we love visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and tasting new food, our main objective when we travel is adventure and particularly adventure sports.

Adventure sports give you an opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally in new ways. Sports like skiing and rock climbing hit us with that adrenaline rush and often we simply find the experience of being outdoors and exploring new places to be exhilarating. Outdoor pursuits can also lead to personal growth as we push our boundaries and learn more about ourselves.

Our main sports are Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Touring, Hiking, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Surfing and Diving. We’re always happy for a new challenge and love trying out new sports along our journey.

Adventure Sports Posts

Our Experience So Far

While we may be a little “Jack of all trades, master of none” in the world of our outdoor pursuits, we are more than happy to have it this way. We may never reach the summits of some of the most technical climbs or Freeski down some of the most gruelling faces but we’re totally ok with that.

As two people who need variety in all aspects of our lives, we like just being able to enjoy the sports we do. It gives us the freedom and flexibility to choose what suits us in the moment or depending on the season.

We also want to bring you along with us on beginner journeys. As adults who like to dabble in the unknown, we know how scary these first steps can be. Adventure sports particularly can be daunting as they’re known for being riskier than mainstream sports, there’s a reason why some people refer to them as extreme sports.

Join us on some adventures as we try out new sports in beautiful locations around the world and give you insider tips on how you can too.

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